Aroma Freedom Technique

Achieve more out of life with the Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT)

Memories, imagination, old sentiments, and associations are more readily reached through the sense of smell than through any other channel
Oliver Wendell Holmes

Is there something in your life that you have wanted to achieve for some time but just haven’t been able to? Do you wish your life was different in some way? Is there a huge goal your team has been working towards that you would like to achieve faster/better? It’s time to live and achieve the life and success you desire.

AFT is based on over 20 years of experience by Clinical Psychologist Dr. Benjamin Perkus.

During this 1.5 hour session, up to 20 attendees will focus on an individual or group goal/intention. Louise will walk the group or individual through a series of exercises. The session will also utilize a number of tailored 100% natural scents to support participants as they tap into their subconscious mind to identify past experiences that may be holding them back. Louise will support attendees to look at and interpret these situations through the session. The session will then end with techniques to affirm a new path. In the majority of cases, attendees have felt a shift and seen immediately signs of change within minutes of leaving the workshop

‘Our past is not in the past. It is in front of us and affects every decision we make. As soon as I found the Aroma Freedom Technique, I knew that I had come across a life changing technique. With the help of certain scents, people are supported to access the subconscious mind and identify the root cause of their limiting beliefs. Studies have shown that between 95-98% of our decisions are made by the subconscious. AFT taps into the subconscious to identify those things that are holding us back and ‘rewrite the program’. Louise – Certified Intuitive Life Coach.


“Ok so ladies I received an email from Linked In from someone with a job opportunity. I’m not interested but – positive movement!”
“Oh Lou I have been so light and happy today 🙂 thank you again for amazing session yesterday”
~ Kirsten

“Hey Louise, Thanks for having me it was great yesterday I really enjoyed it and I actually not only dreamt about the session. But got two awesome ‘signs’ from friends talking about their successes in their business last night and 2 today, so that’s exciting! Plus I sat next to someone on the bus this morning who definitely have oils on. Yes that would be great! We leave today so busy packing etc. so I’ll flick your details tomorrow and we can go from there!”
~ Kriystina

“I love it too! Nothing yet but feeling a lot more positive and open to opportunities since your workshop! Love you girl!”
~ Leah

“Before my experience with Louise I was at a crossroad in my career and my intention was to unblock what was holding me back. The next morning, out of the blue an opportunity fell into my lap & I was overwhelmed with gratitude & also quite surprised in how my life went from confusion to complete clarity within 24 hours. I can now confidently say that I found the perfect practice, the perfect business partner & job role.”
~ Nikki

“I did an AFT session with Lou a few months ago. It was a really powerful session for me. I had been looking for a career change for some time but I didn’t know where or how to start and was feeling lost in it all. After my session with Lou something came up for me that took me down a completely unexpected path that I wouldn’t have explored before the session. The session moved me to follow that path and since then I have started my own business that I am enjoying so much and it has been a success very quickly. I would strongly recommend an AFT session with the amazing Lou to everyone!”
~ Leah

“I came into the aft workshop with this constant fear that I’m not ever going to reach my goal… in the session I started to realised what I need and want to work on and even what causes this fear. The power of this technique truly amazing. Lou, thank you so much for making me feel safe and supported, as always, you are inspiring me!”
~ Keren

“A wonderful experience hosted and orchestrated by the amazing Louise. The process allowed me to focus on an issue that had nagged me for a while and allowed me to start the path to closure. Would highly recommend this if you are burdened with an issue or situation that you have tried to work your way though but find it difficult to find the path.”
~ Mark

“Louise draws a vast range of people to her group AFT sessions. The one thing all these people have in common is that they want to heal a particular area in their lives, and so when you attend her session, the energy feels very warm, safe, protective and healing.

And Louise truly wants to help us empower ourselves. Her presence and leading into the guided “meditation” is subtly very powerful. I left the session feeling a lot lighter within and with a skip in my step and wanting to do AFT with her every week ☺

I think it’s a combination of the entire experience that made me feel ‘life is not that difficult and visualising the vast possibilities out there for me and eventually helped me get out of a rut’. Namaste Louise”
~ Helen

I have to tell you, Louise, that the day I experienced AFT with you COMPLETELY changed my life. I remember not being able to stop myself from crying. I felt embarrassed as I was with a group of people. I was confused about why I was crying but felt an overwhelming feeling of relief. For 40 plus years I had been carrying a burden. After the AFT session with you, I stopped blaming myself for someone else’s wrong doing to me and I continue to feel LIFTED to this day I used to let my experience define who I was I no longer do that I have forgiven. That day freed me. You truly have an exceptional gift. I think what you are doing is exceptional. Much love. X
~ Susan Cloutter