Do something everyday that your future will thank you for!

So often we find ourselves just going through our day…

’If only I can get to the end of Wednesday, the weekend will almost be here’.

‘I just have to get through this week/today and it will all be fine’.

Or, we find ourselves on cruise control. Just rolling with the punches.

What if we started be grateful for everyday…enjoying Monday mornings…feeling every day we are given as a true gift. What if we lived everyday on purpose?

I have recently started to take time out in the morning as soon as I wake to be grateful for my day ahead, the think about what lies ahead in my day and picture success in every encounter. It is a powerful practice. Seeing everyday as a special gift can bring so much beauty into your life.

Once you are grateful for and acknowledge the ‘unique-ness’ in everyday, why not start to commit to making every day encompass some area of improvement for you? You could do this by…

1. Committing to learn something new every day – even if it is just a new word.
2. Doing something that you are afraid of – making a call you don’t want to make but you know would be good for your career/speaking to strangers/attending an event/doing a dance class/going to the gym.

And…make SURE to document your progress. Spend 5 minutes every night in gratitude for what you have done, what you have achieved and how you have grown.

This is such a powerful practice that can change your life. Self-improvement doesn’t need to be something we are excited about on the 1st of January every year and (often) disheartened about by the 31st Dec. Be accountable to yourself everyday…and enjoy as you witness the transformation.

To an Exceptional Existence,


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