Fear: If you create it, you must be able to control it.

What is fear and where does it come from? If it is not something that is external then…the natural assumption must be that…we create it. And…if we were the one with the power to create it then it we must be the ones with the power to eradicate it.

A Course in Miracles states, ‘Only your mind can produce fear’. And it would appear that as the landlord of our mind, we have allowed for it to live there not only for free but also at a terrible cost.

When you were a child (or perhaps even now) and you thought there was a monster under your bed, the only way to eradicate the fear was to scream out for the Mum/Dad brigade to catch the imposter. Immediately the light would go on and ‘nominated fearless parent’ would highlight the truth; nothing was taking space under your bed. Once you were witness to this reality, the fear was gone.

Looking to the 21st century, we are older and the fears are a little more real than a ‘cookie monster’ but the concept is the same. The choice is to live in fear, not shine the light on the reality and to lie in the bed of life as the fearful thoughts fester (and often multiply). Or, we can turn on the light and face the fear. When we do this, we take our power back and often (even if it takes some time), eradicate the fear.

What if instead of feeding your fear, you stopped and looked at it? You started to question your thoughts. Is your fear justified? What proof is there that it exists? What steps could you take to shine the light on this fear?

Some of the most terrifying fears can be eradicated in a very short period of time and on the other side of fear is endless possibility.

A famous African proverb perfectly expresses this through the statement ‘When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you’. If the biggest obstacle you need to get over is yourself, why not start making friends with you today and welcome a world of new possibilities. Possibilities that your personal cookie monster can’t find or sabotage (even in the dark).

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