What are you holding onto?

Time for an Inventory check! Please take a minute to refer to your emotional bank and see what you have been ‘saving’ in there. Is it full of thoughts that serve you, lift you higher? Wonderful experiences that feed your soul and make you smile at the most random times of day? If that’s a yes, I’d put some extra money and time into those resources. Bath in that bank and give yourself a pat on the back for building that asset.

For many of us, the Inventory Bank may also be filled with negative thinking, marinating in past experiences and holding onto people who have hurt us or betrayed us in some way. These are the assets that you need to leave behind. When we hold onto these memories, we carry a heavy weight around with us. I invite you to picture this negative inventory bank as a heavy suitcase that has to go everywhere with you. You go to the bathroom, it goes with you. You go out on a date or for a night out with friends and you have to drag it along with you. Can you imagine what life could be like…how light you would feel if you make the decision of…’Im not going to take the luggage with me tonight’ and you left the house without it? What would it do to you? How light and free would you feel?

Sometimes, in the initial stages, it helps to picture these negatives feelings, thoughts and emotions as a physical object so you can actually picture leaving it behind, throwing them off a bridge or…setting it alight.

Commit today to identify what no longer serves you and…leave it behind (in whatever visual way works for you).

To an Exceptional Existence,


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