When we care, we remember

This week, I would like to stay somewhat on the theme of ‘Self-Love’.  As I travel the world and meet wonderful people from different lands I noticed that the idea of ‘Self Love’ is a common theme that continues to come up and an ingredient that seems to be lacking in so many of us.

I managed to find quite a lot of time this week to get back onto the mat or as some would call it, Practice Yoga. During one class, my wonderful (and very engaging) teacher Marah introduced the idea of ‘When we care, we remember’. I immediately wanted to explore this further. Marah was onto something here and as I positioned myself into my first downward dog…I started to contemplate the idea.

We remember our friends and families birthdays because…we care.

We remember to feed our children and our pets because…we care.

We remember to do something we have said we would for another because…we care.

We go out of our way to do something for that boy we just met because…we care.

We remember to recharge our phones and tablets because…we care.

BUT…how often do we remember to get 7-8 hours sleep a night,  feed ourselves properly, go to the gym (or even for a walk), schedule more time to do what we love or even just complement ourselves and recognise when we achieve something/reach a milestone?

We are so conscious of others and the things around us but yet so many of us don’t the take time to listen, to go inside, to observe and to nourish ourselves.

What is it that you meticulously do for yourself in order to take care of you?

Next time you forget to eat, you forget to find time for you or find yourself running around doing everything for everyone else while neglecting to do something that would serve you, stop and commit to at least one act that you will remember to do for yourself. Even if it is stopping wherever you are and taking a minute to list 5 things that you appreciate about yourself. It can be a great start to what could become a beautiful relationship with you – the one relationship, if nurtured, will give you more than any other.

To an Exceptional Existence,


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