Uses for Frankincense Oil:

1. Clean the air: You can either diffuse Purification oil or simply place a few drops on a cotton bud and
on the air vent in your room. It will clean the air but also remove any bad odours from the room.

2. Bye bye itchy bite: Simply dab some Purification oil directly onto the site of the bite. The oil will calm
down the inflamed blood vessels under the skin that cause the itching.

3. Acne away: You’ll be amazed at what Purifica&on oil does for your skin blemishes. Got a pimple
coming up? Simply place a dab of Purifica&on oil (mixed with a dab of coconut oil) on the site.

4. Shoe odour: It can be so embarrassing. Place a couple of drops of Purification on a couple of cotton
balls and place them in the toe of your shoes. The odour will soon be gone.

5. Give yourself a BOOST! In the palm of your hand, place a drop of coconut oil and a drop of
purification oil. Mix with your finger and dab on the inside of your nose.

6. Smelly Dog? No one likes wet dog smell. If your pooch has come home after smelling after a
wonderful time outside, diffuse purification and the smell will be gone.

7. Get more from your dehumidifier: Make your dehumidifier work harder for you by placing a dab of Purification oil on a cotton bud and place it in the air vent. You’ll clean the air in the room at the same

8. Blister Buster: Swab the blister with a drop of purification oil and watch it heal.

9. Bye Bye bugs: There is no need for chemicals. Simply mix 2 drops in a small bottle of distilled water
and spritz when and where needed.

10. Steralise your cuts and wounds: Dab purification onto your scar or wound to keep it clean!

Did you know…

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