Intuitive Life Coach – Louise

Facilitating your growth while building your personal power to take charge of your own life.

There is no better time than today to live your perfect life. When was the last time you tuned into your inner voice…your personal guidance radio station? Have you ever heard or felt messages that came from nowhere – messages that you certainly welcome (like an old friend) but that don’t come to your mind often?

Louise is passionate about helping people to find their inner purpose and help people to connect to their intuition that is accessible and eager to reach out to us all. She can focus on a particular area of interest for clients or simply channel messages from the higher self that perhaps the client is having some trouble hearing. Once ideas have been communicated, Louise will work with the client to identify any limiting beliefs that may be preventing further growth and prosperity and work with the client to get to the next level.

Whether you are a CEO, trying to navigate your next career move or a professional (and valuable) Mother…Louise can help you to realize your true potential and remove road blocks on your life’s path.

It’s time to start living your life today. Don’t wait…become as magnificent as you were always meant to be.

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Sessions Duration Description Cost
Trial Session 15 minutes Louise will work with you on a topic you would like to discuss identifying blocks and removing one major block so you can see for yourself how powerful this method is to releasing old patterns. Louise will also suggest some next steps to help you move forward. FREE
Introduction Session 45 mins Louise can either focus on a topic of interest to you or simply channel messages from your higher self to you. Limiting beliefs will be identified, removed and next steps for success discussed. $250 USD
8 week Life Turnaround 8 x 45 min sessions Focusing on a particular area of your life you would like to really work on or a different topic each week, this life changing experience will see Louise work with you to identify challenges and break through barriers. A truly empowering experience that will result in you realizing your true potential (and acting on it). $1500 USD


Hear from some of the clients Louise has worked with from all over the world. A strong connection is possible with Louise from any location…

“My experience with Louise’s coaching session was just amazing. Louise was positive, kind and caring.  She started with building up connections, which entailed me to let my head open and clear up the blockades. Under her guidance, I felt relaxed and comfortable talking about my life, my thoughts and my problems. Louise was also instrumental in listening to my stories, analysing my concerns and giving advice. As a whole, it was an enjoyable and useful session.”

Eva C, Hong Kong

“What a beautiful and gentle soul Louise is. My session with her was so inspiring. Louise is so energetic, focused and committed while at the same time was very gentle and kind in her approach.”

Jacquie E, Australia

“Wow, what great messages. I feel an aliveness I don’t recall feeling before. I’ve had 8 coaches over 15 years, Louise is the best I’ve had, getting to the real deep issues that have been blocking me from getting certain results and then lovingly providing the exercises that clear the unconscious blocks that have been holding me back.”

Warren G, Australia

“I have been on a journey to self-master my life for six years now and did lots of courses and seminars, some better than others until I came across this Universal Intelligence new approach to self-empowerment. Having a true mentor on your side in your journey to master any area of your life is really valuable for many reasons: it speaks your truth, and that is really what you need to hear instead of long theories that can be boring sometimes and non-effective,  it helps fast track your healing because of the precision with which it addresses your problem, it gives you the tools and the right time to use them for your fast progress and you can feel the change or shift that takes place inside you, knowing you gained control over yourself not just knowledge. Thank you very much Louise.”

Raul H, Mexico

“I have only had the pleasure of working with Louise for a half hour session, but in that one session she was amazing! She personally helped me work out one of my biggest problems: self-love. I found it hard to love myself, thinking that I wasn’t good enough to be loved, and it not only affected my life, but the people around me too. After talking to Louise, I was able to get to the root of the problem and take steps to fix this deep seeded self- hatred. It’s been a month since my session with her and I am proud to say that I can once again love myself and those around me more too! Thanks for your insight and inspiration Louise! From someone who needed help.”

Sarah S, Texas. USA.

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