What if you were everything you needed?

So often in life we look for external ‘forces’ to satisfy us. New clothes and toys, a partner, friends and the list goes on. But…if our appetite for this external ‘food’ is never satisfied, does that indicate that it is not the answer?

What if we had the answers all along? What if we were the answer all along?

I appreciate that this follows the ideas that have been presented many times before in wonderful literature such as the all inspiring ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho and while we read it and nod with each page turn, how often do we actually set the intention to live by the lesson?

What if, every time you were searching for that perfect partner to ‘complete you’ or for your perfect partner to say/do the right thing that would make everything better, you decided to cut out the ‘middle man/woman’ to happiness and just…give it to yourself? What would happen if you had no need to hear anything from anyone because you have already heard it from yourself? What kind of pressure would that take off your search for a life partner or the maintenance of an existing relationship?

Over to the material…

What if, the next time you wanted a new toy to play with or a new wardrobe item (that you really don’t need), you looked at the real reason why you wanted it and if it is to fill a gap…what if you filled it with something to make you a better person? Instead of a new outfit, what if you invested time in getting to know you on a retreat. A self development course? Or even just a self development book? Something that would allow for you to really look at you and find out how magnificent you are without the latest outfit or shiny toy.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate we need technology to help us run our lives better, we need music to raise our vibration/keep us sane, we need to wear clothes and we like to look good but (when you are really honest with yourself) you know when you are over indulging in things that you just don’t need. One sure fire way to know if it isn’t serving you is if you find that the purchase brings with it a pleasing high that doesn’t last very long.

So next time, you feel like to need to hear something from another, you feel incomplete without someone by your side or you find yourself itching to buy something you really don’t need with the hopes that it will lift you higher stop…reflect and think about how to can…

…say the things you need to hear…
…be the person you’re searching for…
…invest in your mind/soul and not your material world.

To an Exceptional Existence,


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