Could children be our biggest teachers?

These little parcels of joy can at times frustrate but on the whole serve to bring tremendous joy into our lives. Today I would also like to honor the little ones by raising the idea that perhaps they are one of our greatest teachers – if we allow ourselves to be open to their lessons.

I spend a great amount of time (respectfully) observing children and believe that there is much adults can learn from them by simply observing. This includes…

1. Their desire to live everyday to the fullest: Children wake and bounce into the day. They don’t think they better take it easy today because they have a big week ahead, no…they wake full of life and embrace that day for everything it is. Not thinking about tomorrow (unless Santa is coming) but rather focusing on the ‘now’.

2. They don’t worry about the future: Children embrace the present moment and engage in what they see and experience before them. They don’t take time planning for the toy they will play with tomorrow.

3. Children connect: Young children play with, connect and accept each other. They don’t judge…they embrace new opportunities to engage and play with each other.

4. Appreciate the little things: Give a child a bottle cap and they will find beauty and excitement in it.

5. Endless curiosity: Children are endlessly curious about life and eager to continue to learn.

6. Inhibition Free: Children do not have any inhibitions. They will dance, laugh, scream, cry whenever they feel the urge. I appreciate that we cant throw down on the floor and start kicking and screaming in public but so many of us don’t allow ourselves the opportunity to cry or express ourselves when alone.

7. Selfless givers: Children hand out love and care without expectation of something in return.

The interesting thing is that I believe the younger the child, the greater the teacher as they have not yet connected with the ‘I am’ as society teaches them the idea of separation and the ego starts to develop.

While many think, ‘Its alright for children, they don’t have any responsibility’, I agree but I also pose the question of how does the extra stress, anxiety, worry, judgement and disconnection assist life in anyway? Does it help to deal with the responsibility or does it hinder your ability to embrace life with both hands and excel?

Next time you are around these little balls of light, love and energy, take the time to really observe and learn. You may learn something from the little people who you actually thought you were here to teach.

What a wonderful reality to think that you can give to each other.

To an Exceptional Existence,


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