‘Body bars’: Caring about your battery life as much as you do your phone

Making sure we have enough battery to get us through our day is something that is a daily practice. The thought of our phone dying can often generate unexplained feelings of anxiety and often cause us to change our movements or plans just to ensure that the screen never goes black.

It is seen as completely ‘normal’ when we walk around cafes/meeting rooms and airports looking for anywhere to charge our phones and we have even started to carry extra battery packs in our bags to ensure a constant (and uninterrupted) connection.

The question is…how often do we dedicate so much attention to our own battery pack?

Do we ensure that we are recharged everyday? Do we monitor how many ‘body bars’ we have and immediately take action to ensure that we are emotionally and physically recharged? Do we allow ourselves a time out to sit/lie and recharge or do we keep pushing, thinking that while our technological devices seem to need a little ‘R n R’ we can push through.

Arianna Huffington in her book called ‘Thrive’ mentions that “stress is bad for us, yet we wear it as a badge of honor. It is seen as a socially desirable thing to be overworking. We don’t seem to have the same respect for people who work a 40-hour week.” This kind of thinking feeds on itself, creating a downward bad habit spiral.

So many of us believe there is honour in pushing through and talking about how overworked and tired we are simply because it is the story we tell ourselves but…if studies show that you are more effective when you take more time out to recharge…why not give it a go? Change the story and perhaps change your results and…your life.

Next time you check your phone/laptop bars or hurriedly approach the charger as soon as you walk in the door, why not also commit to checking in with your body and mind. How are you feeling? Do you need to ‘plug in’ or ‘check out’ for some time to re-invigorate your often neglected body bars?

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