Feelings are the language of the soul

So often we overlook our feelings. We think that they are some sort of wave that pass over us sometimes and not often enough.

Many take artificial substances to find a good feeling place but often don’t realise the high with the equivalent low that often sets in the following day or even hours after.

When you have a natural high, do you take time to analyse it and decipher what the cause was? Were you doing something you love such as painting, dancing, hiking…or were you just spending a lazy day in bed?

We communicate with others using words and touch but our soul communicates to us through our feeling. Once you hug that reality with both arms, it can be so empowering because it is the recognition of a connection with yourself…your source.

Today I invite you to really listen to those moments when you feel a natural high. Stop for a minute and ask why? What caused this? What am I doing right now? And do more of that! Do more of whatever it is that pleases your soul.

The same applies to negative feelings. If you feel sad, down, depressed or like you are doing something that you are really pushing through with a lot of resistance and no real result then stop. Look for other options. Answer your souls call for change and implement it.

Once you really recognise this connection, you will realise you have a best friend that has been trying to tell you something for sometime. I’m sure he/she will be thrilled to finally meet you.

To an Exceptional Existence,


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