Body talks – Has your body shouted at you lately?

Have you ever taken the time to listen to your body? It’s something I have been trying to do more and more. A great way I have found to do this is to refer to my past and the ways that my body may have tried to whisper words of truth to me but perhaps I didn’t listen at which point, it decided it needed to get a little louder in the hopes of getting my attention.

Some two years ago, my body was certainly telling me to slow down. I was trying to achieve too much at work and socially to feed my insatiable desire to achieve in life. It was almost like I was moving forward but could feel my body/soul pulling back – asking me to slow down. Moving forward at the speed I was going just didn’t sit right but…I didn’t listen. Late nights working, socializing and trying to please everyone followed by early morning gym sessions before work and to be honest, giving very little time and attention to self-love/soul time or addressing what truly made ME happy. One Friday morning as I stretched after my workout, I went a little too far…pushed a little too much and tore my hamstring. I was initially overcome with a wonderful adrenalin rush which was soon followed by a lot of pain, fear and ‘how could this happen to me?’ thoughts. I was to fly out that night for a weekend away to celebrate a friend’s wedding – an engagement I really wanted to be at in order to support him but also one that again I felt I was pushing myself into. My body had decided enough was enough and if I wouldn’t listen to the whisper, it would give me a ‘gift’ to physically slow me down. What followed was weeks of not being able to walk properly, pain up my leg when sitting for an extended period of time and not being able to move as quickly/easily as before.

When I look back, there were many subtle signs from my body to say slow down but…I didn’t take the time to listen. It would be like tuning into a radio station with a bad frequency. It would appear that the ‘body shout’ came with no other option but to slow down. I wish I had tuned into the whisper. I am now determined to improve the reception and connect to a whisper so my body doesn’t find the need to shout.

We often see our body as just a physical entity but I believe it to be a wonderful medium through which we can hear and feel messages regarding how we are living our lives. If we don’t listen to our internal guidance, our body will start to speak to us. Listening to the whisper will certainly be a more ‘pleasant’ way to learn but if we are too busy to hear the whisper, our body won’t give up on us. Perhaps this is why our bodies are so resilient when we are younger; these are the’ whisper years’ but…as we go through this wonderful life…if we fail to listen…will out body start to shout?

It is my hope that this article will perhaps inspire you to look and listen to your body. An exercise may be to look to a past example of when your body was screaming at you. Were there whispers that were too quiet for you to hear or perhaps you ignored them? This is a wonderful way to solidify the idea of the whisper/speak/shout so that moving forward, you can commit to creating time and silence to tune into your personal Radio station. It may just be the best time investment you can make.

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