Uses for Thieves Oil:

  1. Keep away the cold: Protect yourself and your children from catching whatever is going by rubbing Thieves on the base of the feet. Its like a magic shield from disease.
  1. Make your own toothpaste: A little coconut oil, bicarb soda and thieves can make a wonderful toothpaste that will keep your dentist more than impressed, keeping your teeth white but also your gums free from disease.
  1. Bye bye Bronchitis: Mix 1-­2 drops with 10 mls of coconut oil and apply to the chest and throat.
  1. Sooth a sore throat: Mix 1-­2 drops of thieves with water, gargle and swallow for a sore throat.
  1. The perfect home environment: Diffuse thieves in your home to bring the germ count down.
  1. Disinfect the dishes: Every so open, your dishes can do with a good clean. Add a few drops to your dishwasher for cleaner dishes.
  1. Gum disease be gone: Apply to gums to prevent and treat gum disease.
  1. Mold no more!: Diffuse 203 drops in the house or your office for 15-­30 mins daily to dissolve mold.
  1. Give up cigarettes: Put thieves on the tip of your tongue when you have a craving for a cigarette. This will help you quit.
  1. Arthritis away: Rub on sore joints with Coconut Oil to relieve arthritis pain.

Did you know…

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