Is Impatience holding you back?

The ‘Impatience hat’ is something most of us have on hand in the closet and one we often choose to put on but the question is, does it serve us in any way?

Yes…I’ll agree impatience keeps us on our toes and with what we desire in view but the question is, is Impatience allowing for us to focus on what we want or…the lack of it?

How do you feel when you are impatient? Uneasy? Frustrated? Disappointed? Feelings of impatience usually don’t lead you down the ‘positivity path’ so why do we feed them? What if when they come up, we actively decide to shift our focus? Perhaps when that feeling arises, we look at all of the wonderful steps (no matter how small) we have taken to move closer to what is it we are focused on. Or…we consider the fact that we are not ready for the end state just yet.

If someone asked you if you would like all of the food that you will eat for the rest of time tomorrow or…if you would rather have it spread over the years of your life what would you say? The majority of people (if not everyone) would select the latter and why? Because we simply wouldn’t be able to consume it all. It would make us sick. Perhaps that is why you don’t have what you want just yet. Perhaps it’s not the right time for it to fall into your lap. The universe always has a wonderful plan for you and focusing your energy on building your unshakable faith in that reality may be time better spent than focusing on the feelings of lack that impatience brings.

I often refer to nature as I believe it can be a powerful way to illustrate concepts. Today I invite you to think of a rose. It takes time for the rose to develop but as you watch it grow you marvel in the development, the progression, the journey and are excited about when it will bloom. You don’t look at it and think ‘Urgh…this needs to hurry up. What happens if a daisy blooms from this rose bush instead of a rose?’ And why? Because we appreciate it takes time for a rose to grow but we also have faith that it will bloom and it will be beautiful. Why don’t we do this with our lives?

Next time you want to put the impatience hat on decide your outfit can do without it. Actually picture taking it off and choosing another hat. A hat of positive reflection and faith that everything is in its place and…as you wear that hat with pride, spend some time visualizing what achieving your dreams would look and feel like. Commit to this practice for ten minutes and you will already feel a shift in your emotions – a shift that brings with it great power for transformation.

To an Exceptional Existence,


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