Own your magnificence

When was the last time you acknowledged how magnificent you are? When as the last time you documented your strengths and honoured what you love to do and what your talents are?

Too often we sideline the above activities to spend time comparing ours to the lives of others or focus on what other people think of us.

Why does it seem safer to be less than our potential? To stand back from grabbing what we really want in life. To making every day count?

Have you ever stopped to think why you do that? And further, what caring what others think or what others are doing actually does for YOU? Does it serve you in anyway? When you really ask that question, it starts to all seem a little silly.

Further, why do we surround ourselves with people that judge us or only approve of us if we act in a certain way?

Enough of the thought provoking questions…where to from here?

I invite you to look at (and document):

1. Who it is that YOU are…
2. Who are the people in your life that support, celebrate and love you?
3. Who are the people in your life that judge you and you constantly feel you need to impress or (worse) hide who you really are?
4. Why do you think yourself unworthy of following your own path? (And…)
5. What steps can you take today to reconnect with YOU?

Once you have your completed ‘situational analysis’ (points 1-5 above), I invite you to take baby steps towards finding your ‘powerful’. Make a commitment to come from out of the shadows and step into your light. Contact and connect with the people that ‘add’ to your life and send gratitude to those that perhaps you need to distance yourself from; at one point they were a great gift in your life story.

It is in doing this work that you can face your fear of being magnificent. You can start to see the reasons to walk away of the safety of ‘inadequate’ and take hold of your life with both hands to see how truly incredible you can become.

Life is waiting with a smile and an open embrace. Why not walk toward it?

To an Exceptional Existence,


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