You are the chef. Decide what goes in your recipe.

If we are the ones that create our thoughts, why do we (too often) choose to create negative ones? Do we think that they will keep us safe? Or protect us from disappointment?

I can totally relate to this but at the same time, I find myself searching for the logic behind this strategy.

Firstly, the process of thinking negative thoughts is unpleasant in itself. EVEN if we don’t get everything we had hoped for, isn’t it better to think of a potentially wonderful ‘story’ instead of expecting the worse in the hopes of being pleasantly surprised?

Too often we (myself included) forget the fact that we have control over our minds (and not the other way around). The thoughts that we chose to think, we make/cook/create but reminding ourselves of this and taking our power/control back is something we have to continue to be conscious of.

Assigning an image to our negative and positive thoughts can also be very helpful. When some of my clients see a negative thought come into their mind, they picture it exploding like a bomb. This can be very useful to train the brain that there is no room in your mind for such ‘tenants’. Others picture a fairy wand creating wonderful thoughts in their mind.

It’s also important to remember that this type of training takes patience and discipline. You wouldn’t expect to have perfect muscles without regular visits to the gym and the same applies to the mind. But…if you stay with it, the results are life changingly delicious!

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