Your perception creates your palace – it is yours to build.

I love the story of the Lion that was kept in the Zoo in a small cage. Every day, the Lion would pace up and down in the small cage only stopping for food and rest. A quite depressing controlled existence.

Years later, increased investment in the Zoo meant that the lion was to be relocated from a 3 x 3 meter cube enclosure to a large, spacious, green and airy paradise. On opening day, the media was there to witness the ‘freeing’ of this beautiful creature into surroundings that better mirrored his natural environment in the wild.

However, no one was to expect what occurred. Once introduced to his new ‘palace’, the Lion didn’t roam, explore or revel in his new world but rather, kept to a small 3×3 meter area in the new enclosure and simply paced back and forth all day with the same lifeless demeanor unaware of the endless opportunities to roam, explore and revel in his surroundings.

Life is a large, spacious, green and airy paradise but so many of us can’t see it. We can’t see the beauty in our surroundings and feel caged even though there are no walls, no restrictions and no limitations. Do you take time to stop and look around at the beauty and endless possibilities around you or do you allow for societal beliefs to metaphorically cage you?

I invite you to take some time to really look around. What limiting and unsubstantiated beliefs have you been carrying around with you for years that have been holding you back? Why not document them by writing them down and shine a light on what is real and what is imagined limitation.

Then, take the time to look beyond the cage and see reality. See the endless possibilities in front of you. What have you always wanted to do? How can you take steps (even if minor) towards finding a more free you that is open to expression and experience?

The practice of gratitude can also be helpful in this exercise. As we look to our environments and what there is to appreciate, we tend to break down the cage walls unintentionally and start to build an environment that is closer to truth and the place where you will find a more genuine and fulfilled ‘you’.

To an Exceptional Existence,


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