A new year. A new you?

What is it about New Years that makes us want to reinvent ourselves? I wonder if it finds us putting undue pressure on ourselves that can often result in disappointment. But perhaps this is only because of our perspective and the individual’s common inability to be kind, loving and accepting of themselves.

This is something that I have spent the last three months working on – being gentler to me. We often find it very easy to be understanding and accommodating of others but remain really hard on ourselves. Why do we do this? Is it because we ‘own’ ourselves that we feel we have the right to be hard, unkind and unforgiving. When I step back from this idea and really look at it, it seems somewhat ridiculous. If you owned a Ferrari, would that give you the right to treat it poorly, not give it the best fuel, keep it looking good? Why don’t we see ourselves in the same light? Why can’t we see ourselves as a Ferrari?

As we kick off the year, I invite you to look at your new year’s resolutions with gratitude for the opportunity to become better more and stretch yourself. Acknowledge the ways in which you are walking towards and achieving those goals but…if you fall over/falter, be kind to yourself. Know that if you don’t achieve everything this year, it’s ok. Celebrate the ways you have achieved any goals that you have set (no matter how small) and document the extra achievements that you have met with that perhaps you hadn’t planned on when the clock said ‘hello midnight‘ on January 1st.

And always remember that in being kind to yourself, you will learn how to be even more kind and accepting of others.

To an Exceptional Existence,


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