Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone

What is fear? What is a ‘comfort zone’? And…if we took the time to turn the light on it, look at it, face it…would it go away?

Have you ever faced something that you were afraid of and…once you did, it either no longer intimidated you or you realised it wasn’t anything to be afraid of in the first place?

When we are younger and we think there is a monster under the bed, the only way to rid ourselves of the fear (and the resulting sleepless night) is to turn the light on (or yell for Mummy to come and turn on the light) and look under the bed. When we realise the monster isn’t there, the fear is immediately gone. The mind no longer has anything to feed on and to magnify.

The same applies with life. As we grow older, we often accumulate more fears and, if we don’t ‘turn the light’ on them, they will marinate and magnify. The process of addressing our fears usually means that we need to do something that makes us feel very uncomfortable and often requires a resilience to push through…to push past great feelings of discomfort to come to the realisation that…there is no monster and…suddenly realise how magnificent and capable we are. And…as a secondary win, our self confidence and love receives an immediate boost too.

As we work out this ‘face your fears’ muscle, we slowly start to welcome the journey to reach more, do more and achieve more and…often facing our fears becomes a challenging joy.

Why not invite yourself to write a list of your fears and commit to face one over the next couple of months. Chances are, that scary monster? Doesn’t exist!

To an Exceptional Existence,


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