Do you really need tomorrow?

If you’re not dedicated to improvement and development, do you need tomorrow? If we just coast through life, what is the point of tomorrow?

I am sure we can all relate to the difference between a day spent growing, learning and developing and one where we do what we did yesterday (and the day/week/month before that).

I was recently reading the wonderful ’15 Invaluable Laws of Growth’ by John Maxwell in which he wisely says  ‘a rubber band is useless unless it is being stretched’. Isn’t that a little like our lives? I know at times people can say I personally am moving too fast, pushing too hard and while I have tried to calm down a little more this year I am still very much dedicated to constant, daily improvement. I have an insatiable desire for life to mean something and finding this ‘addiction’ has changed my life. I’ve been on the edge of my comfort zone so many times this year and, looking back, I am so grateful for every terrifying moment because…I’ve felt alive!

As we are about to step into a new year, why not commit to becoming a useful rubber band. To stretching yourself beyond your comfort zone?

What does that mean for you? Does it mean stepping up the corporate ladder at work? Getting into that hobby you love but have been putting off? Meeting more people? Giving back to the community? Public speaking? Singing in front of a crowd? Mastering a head stand in Yoga?

As I found with dance this year, when you commit to stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone in one area of your life, you find that you change as a person and you become more confident and develop a greater sense of self belief. Suddenly you realize you can stretch more…be more…become more.

As the year comes to a close, get out your ipad/pen and paper and record a list of areas where you can develop and stretch. Taking 30 minutes to do this could change your 2016 and…possibly your life.

To an Exceptional Existence,


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