Natural Cleaning

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All Natural Cleaning products are so very easy to make and it’s MUCH cheaper than buying them in a supermarket. If you can’t eat your cleaning products, why put them in your environment where they can get onto your skin, into your blood stream and circulating through your lungs?

The key ingredients to most cleaning products are:

  1. White Vinegar: Yep…plain white Vinegar! You can get this at any supermarket.

white vinegar






2. Baking Soda: I never thought I would love this white powder so much. It has SO many uses for cleaning and beauty but also has amazing medicinal properties! It is so easy to find in most supermarkets – look for it near the baking section (where you will also find the chocolate sprinkles).

baking soda





Below is a brilliant you tube on all the benefits of Baking Soda. Who would have thunk it?!