Could gratitude be the gift that keeps on giving?

This could involve purchasing a dedicated gratitude journal, sending yourself a daily ‘things I’m grateful for’ email, taking five to ten minutes to mentally note all the things you are grateful for or simply writing down some ‘grateful points’ on a napkin/ back of a receipt.

What you’ll find is that every thought gives birth to a new inspiration…something else you are grateful for. There may be days when you wake up not feeling very grateful at all but…when you start with something such as ‘ I’m breathing… I can walk’…you’ll find that more and more items will come to mind.

This practice can brighten up the darkest of days or turn a wonderful day into an even more magnificent one. Flexing your ‘gratitude muscle’ is like a gym work out…the more you use it…the stronger it gets.

Why not wake in the morning…give yourself a mind shower and then start a fresh with all of the things you are grateful for.

Another powerful practice is to set an alarm on your phone every hour to take a minute to list the things you are grateful for. Really feel it in your heart.

This practice has changed my life. It will come easier with the days. If you don’t feel like doing it, force yourself as an act of self love and be sensitive to any subtle changes in your environment or simply in yourself. Gratitude really can be the gift that just keeps on giving.


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