When was the last time you had a ‘mind shower’?

Every day we brush our teeth and shower. We regularly clean our house and our office but…how much time do you dedicate to cleaning your mind?

We wouldn’t allow for dirt to accumulative on our bodies or our teeth, why do we let it overtake our minds?

What if you started to picture each negative thought or emotion as a ‘dirt mark’ on your mind or the equivalent of something stuck in your teeth? Would you be more motivated to remove it immediately?

As the wonderfully wise Buddha said, ‘We are the result of what we have thought’. Knowing this, perhaps it is time to start a daily routine of cleaning the mind so that we are the result of positive, clean and loving thoughts.

Some techniques to consider implementing this practice into your everyday include:

• As soon as you wake, commit 30 seconds to one minute to picture a vacuum going over your mind sucking up any negative thoughts from your mind.

• Make it a part of your daily showers. Once you have applied your soap, picture putting some on your mind and washing off any dirt or negative thoughts. See it wash away to leave a beautiful clean mind and perhaps plant some positive thoughts and intentions while you’re there.

• As you brush your teeth, set the intention to remove and brush any negative dirt/plaque off your teeth.

Commit to this self-loving practice and really notice the changes that will occur around you. It can be life changing.


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