You are the company that you keep.

Too often we become stuck in our situations but the interesting thing is that no one or nothing is holding us there. It is almost like we have chained ourselves to a fence and we are the only ones who have the key but for some reason, we decide not to use it.

This can also apply with the people that are in our lives. We truly are a reflection of the company that we keep. Surround yourself with happy, positive people and you will feel uplifted…inspired…motivated. Surround yourself with negative people and you can almost feel the energy drain from your body.

As a first step, have a look at the friends in your life that perhaps aren’t a good match for you at this time. Some signs of this would be that they make you feel drained in their presence, they always focus on the negative or have a negative outlook on life. Perhaps it is time to put some distance between you both in order to respect and love yourself. Too often we think that we are too ‘old’ to make new friends. I am always astounded at the mentality that one should have the same friends they had as children or in school. There is a world of wonderful, inspiring, uplifting people out there waiting to embrace you. Don’t waste your precious time on the ones that don’t welcome you with open (and loving) arms. Be really sensitive to your energy when you meet someone new and really feel how YOU feel in their presence. New friends can teach us so much and allow us to find out even more about ourselves.

Now to move our attention to the ‘F’ word – Family. While it is more difficult (and often not desirable/wise/possible) to move away from family members that pull us down, we can certainly chose to limit the amount of our soul and time we give to those that pull us down from our high flying disk. Focus on those in your family that lift you up and bathe in their presence as much as you can. Another technique that can assist is visualization. Visualise a wonderful relationship with your relatives. Picture (AND FEEL) what it would be like to have a wonderful interaction with them; imagine laughing with and hugging them. When we go to see those relatives that we are not vibrationally aligned with, we often bring the past with us like a suitcase. Next time you visit your relatives, leave the suitcase at home and engage with them like you would a stranger without any negative expectations to cloud or even create your future interactions with them.

Immerse yourself with the people that complement your positive outlook on life or who are as fabulous as you know yourself or aspire to be. We are a mirror of those around us so make sure you see the right reflection!

To an Exceptional Existence,


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