Is ‘perfection’ actually ‘prevention’?

How often do we find ourselves saying we can’t do something or achieve something (or even start something) because the environment, situation, support network around us isn’t perfect? What would happen if we took a step towards our dreams and goals anyway. If we acknowledged it wasn’t perfect but went forward anyway? Wouldn’t we be closer to our dreams than we were yesterday and perhaps all of those hurdles would fall over or…prove not to be such an obstacle once we shined the light on them in our forward momentum.

Will there ever be a right time to do a good thing? Chances are it will never be perfect but…we can start today, learn along the way and perhaps be surprised at how perfect the environment actually is. It can happen that those hurdles are lessons in disguise or the catalyst to push us in a different (and often even better direction). They open the door to endless possibilities and usually bring you there as a stronger, more capable individual.
What is it that you have been putting off for the perfect time? The time when you have more financial stability, your children are older, you’re in a new relationship or once you have found the new relationship? These are simply ideas in our mind planted there by those around us and our limiting communal belief systems.

Why not take the time to write a list of those things you have had on the ‘to do’ list for some time, identify one and take a step (no matter how teeny tiny) closer to achieving that goal over the next couple of days. You never know, an idea, person or situation my come into your path that helps you to take the next (slightly bigger) step and soon you could be running to your dreams as you leave your limiting beliefs behind you.

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