Conversation with your soul. Had one lately?

About a year ago, I set out on a journey to find out what really made me…little ol me tick.

I had just really started to embrace the idea that no two people are the same. Read more …





Bodytalks – Has your body shouted at you lately?

Have you ever taken the time to listen to your body? It’s something I have been trying to do more and more. A great way I have found to do this is to refer to my past and the ways that my body may have tried to whisper words of truth to me but perhaps I didn’t listen at which point, it decided it needed to get a little louder in the hopes of getting my attention. Read more …




When was the last time you had a ‘mind shower’?

Every day we brush our teeth and shower. We regularly clean our house and our office but…how much time do you dedicate to cleaning your mind?

We wouldn’t allow for dirt to accumulative on our bodies or our teeth, why do we let it overtake our minds? Read more




Could nature be one of our biggest teachers?

During a recent holiday at a meditation retreat in Phuket, Thailand, I found myself enveloped by nature and pleasantly drowning in its energy. An energy that can’t be easily measured, costs nothing and is infinite. I believe it to be one of the greatest gifts we have been blessed with but also one we mostly take for granted.

Read more




Have you heard yourself lately?

Do you take the time to really listen to yourself? Why not commit today to listen to what it is you say to yourself. Once you’ve done a little self-analysis then ask…would I speak to my friend the way I speak to myself? Read more




You are the company that you keep.

Too often we become stuck in our situations but the interesting thing is that no one or nothing is holding us there. It is almost like we have chained ourselves to a fence and we are the only ones who have the key but for some reason, we decide not to use it. Read more




Could gratitude be the gift that keeps on giving?

Do you have a daily gratitude practice? A time set aside to check in and really bathe in all that you have to be grateful for? Read more





Do something everyday that your future will thank you for!

So often we find ourselves just going through our day…

’If only I can get to the end of Wednesday, the weekend will almost be here’.

‘I just have to get through this week/today and it will all be fine’.

Or, we find ourselves on cruise control. Just rolling with the punches. Read more




Are you fueling right?

Grandma always said ‘You are what you eat’ but have you ever taken the time to really think this cliché through?
From my experience, it is totally true (Go Grandma). Read more




Do you take time out for regular reflection?

‘The wise man questions himself. The fool, others’ Henri Arnold

We coast through life either celebrating every day or just taking what is handed our way but…do we actually take time to reflect, learn and renew? Read more




 Adding value to others can help you find yourself!

Too many cultures around the world today believe in the ‘survival of the fittest’ mentality. The need to compete with others and the idea that if a colleague or competitor achieves success, it means that we miss out in some way. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Read more




Give yourself permission to be Exceptional!

So often we find ourselves playing small. Not talking about our accomplishments or even acknowledging them to ourselves. Why do we do this? Why don’t we give ourselves permission to be Exceptional? Read more





Is Impatience holding you back?

The ‘Impatience hat’ is something most of us have on hand in the closet and one we often choose to put on but the question is, does it serve us in any way? Read more





Wake up the right way

Waking up in the right way can really affect the rest of your day. Gift yourself 10 minutes in the morning for gratitude and visualization. This simple practice can change your life. This week Louise was published on a fantastic Motivational website called MotivationGrid. This week we’d love to share the piece with you. Read more




Do you really need tomorrow?

If you’re not dedicated to improvement and development, do you need tomorrow? If we just coast through life, what is the point of tomorrow? Read more





Are you the best friend you never knew you had?

We spend so much time getting to know other people, hoping that they will like us and searching for friends with which we feel we belong/we can connect BUT…what if there was someone that has been right by your side your entire life that you never really acknowledged…never really noticed? Read more




What’s your why?

Have you ever taken the time to figure out what your ‘why’ in life is? Everyone is different. Why do you do what you do? What makes you tick? When your life comes to an end, what do you want to be recognised for? What do you want to have achieved? Read more




Replacing an internet connection for the Human kind.

What if we decided to put down our phones, tablets and internet connection in exchange for a human connection? Are we too addicted to our online connection and what is it really taking from us? Read more





The Power of Self Love

Self Love. It makes most people squirm. We spend so much time trying to serve in our jobs, look after our families, tend to our friends that we forget about the need to love and care for ourselves. But I question how we are supposed to give love if we don’t have any for ourselves? It would be like someone asking you for an orange so they can make orange juice but you not having any. How can you give what you don’t have? Read more



When we care, we remember

This week, I would like to stay somewhat on the theme of ‘Self-Love’. As I travel the world and meet wonderful people from different lands I noticed that the idea of ‘Self Love’ is a common theme that continues to come up and an ingredient that seems to be lacking in so many of us. Read more




Could children be our biggest teachers?

These little parcels of joy can at times frustrate but on the whole serve to bring tremendous joy into our lives. Today I would also like to honor the little ones by raising the idea that perhaps they are one of our greatest teachers – if we allow ourselves to be open to their lessons. Read more




How often do you push reset?

How often do you push your reset button? Do you know where your reset button is located? What you can do to refresh and re-ignite your soul? Read more





Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone.

What is fear? What is a ‘comfort zone’? And…if we took the time to turn the light on it, look at it, face it…would it go away?

Have you ever faced something that you were afraid of and…once you did, it either no longer intimidated you or you realised it wasn’t anything to be afraid of in the first place? Read more



Love yourself enough to set boundaries.

I truly believe that strangers are just friends that you have not met yet and I take great pleasure in meeting new people all over the world. In a recent random (but yet oh so fulfilling) conversation with a new friend we were talking about setting boundaries and the idea of… Read more




What are you holding onto?

Time for an Inventory check! Please take a minute to refer to your emotional bank and see what you have been ‘saving’ in there. Is it full of thoughts that serve you, lift you higher? Wonderful experiences that feed your soul and make you smile at the most random times of day? If that’s a yes, I’d put some extra money and time into those resources. Bath in that bank and give yourself a pat on the back for building that asset. Read more



Is ‘perfection’ actually ‘prevention’?

How often do we find ourselves saying we can’t do something or achieve something (or even start something) because the environment, situation, support network around us isn’t perfect? What would happen if we took a step towards our dreams and goals anyway. If we acknowledged it wasn’t perfect but went forward anyway? Wouldn’t we be closer to our dreams than we were yesterday and perhaps all of those hurdles would fall over or…prove not to be such an obstacle once we shined the light on them in our forward momentum. Read more



Who are you really hurting with resentment?

Let’s face it, sometimes in life, people will hurt us…situations will not go the way we had hoped for them to and often, we can find ourselves blaming others or bathing in a world of resentment for what they did to us. But the question is, what purpose does that serve? Read more




With every encounter, there comes a lesson (if we choose to see it).

It is our souls purpose to do more and become more in this life. Without this development, we can certainly survive but with time, many feel like something is missing. A potential they have inside them may not have been stretched or they feel that they could have been and done more but just well…didn’t. Read more




‘Body bars’: Caring about your battery life as much as you do your phone

Making sure we have enough battery to get us through our day is something that is a daily practice. The thought of our phone dying can often generate unexplained feelings of anxiety and often cause us to change our movements or plans just to ensure that the screen never goes black. Read more




You don’t have to see the whole picture

In the words of the Eric Thomas, ‘There will never be the perfect time to do a great thing’. Not having all of our ‘ducks in a row’ is an excuse that many of us use to not move forward and achieve those goals we have set for ourselves. Read more





Ingredients for success soup

There are so many schools of thought about what makes someone successful. We all know about the ingredients of success such as hard work, dedication and study but what about those factors that many people don’t link to success (but really should). Read more




Fear: If you create it, you must be able to control it.

What is fear and where does it come from? If it is not something that is external then…the natural assumption must be that…we create it. And…if we were the one with the power to create it then we must be the ones with the power to eradicate it. Read more




How do you use the one thing you will never get back?

Time. We all have it. In many of our careers we are paid for it. It usually passes slowly when we are engaged in mundane tasks and flies when we are having fun! Read more





Your perception creates your palace – it is yours to build.

I love the story of the Lion that was kept in the Zoo in a small cage. Every day, the Lion would pace up and down in the small cage only stopping for food and rest. A quite depressing controlled existence. Read more




Your tribe is more than just your vibe

How often do you take time to look at the people you spend most of your time with. The late Jim Rohn was famous for the line…

‘You are the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with’ Read more




It’s your choice to tune your radio station into ‘worry’.

Worry. It’s something we all commonly spend a lot of time on but why? Does it help for us to prepare for an unideal situation should it by chance arrive one day? Be sure, there is a difference between planning for the worst and spending time bathing in a bath of worry. Read more




Feed your Focus

Our focus becomes our reality. Do you ever take the time to sit down and analyse where you are putting your focus? What is getting most of your attention? Read more




What if you were everything you needed?

So often in life we look for external ‘forces’ to satisfy us. New clothes and toys, a partner, friends and the list goes on. But…if our appetite for this external ‘food’ is never satisfied, does that indicate that it is not the answer? Read more




Feelings are the language of the soul

So often we overlook our feelings. We think that they are some sort of wave that pass over us sometimes and not often enough. Read more




What others think of you is none of your business

How much time do we spend enveloped in others opinions of who we are?
In the wise words of Deepak Chopra, ‘What others think of you is none of your business. If you start to make that business your business, you will be offended for the rest of your life’. Read more




Do you feel deserving of Success?

We have all been around long enough to know what we would really like to succeed at. It may not be what you are doing right now but you most probably know what it is. Read more





Who are you holding yourself back for?

So often in life we feel those little pings or pinches to do more, follow our hearts and become more of what we feel inspired to be but then…those moments are overcome by societal beliefs and fear of what others will think of us. Read more





Bringing light to someone’s day can change yours.

What a wonderful reality! Yes…reality!

So many societies raise people to believe that is it a dog eat dog world (especially in those places in the
world that are densely populated such as my current home of Asia.) Read more





Loving where you are now can get you to where you want to be.

How much time do you spend on thinking about what you haven’t achieved in life? How much headspace do you give to the heavy burden that comes with the need to achieve all the time? When we apply such weight and expectation, it often becomes too heavy to lift and so…we do nothing. Read more





Why does the word ‘Choice’ often make us feel so trapped?

Today I find myself thinking about the word ‘Choice’. It is often used in common sayings including: Read more





What’s your bag of oranges?

Can you imagine what it would be like to carry a three kilo bag of oranges with you everywhere you went? What would that feel like? Would it be annoying? Read more





It’s ok to be me

Most people spend their days wishing they were smarter, thinner, kinder, more disciplined, more successful, prettier, more talented or just someone else altogether. Many of us have desires and dreams that we are not confident enough or ashamed to explore/achieve. Read more





Don’t sacrifice yourself to serve others

I recently visited family and friends back home in Australia. It is always such a beautiful but also challenging time. Read more





Own your magnificence.

When was the last time you acknowledged how magnificent you are? When as the last time you documented your strengths and honoured what you love to do and what your talents are? Read more





You are the chef. Decide what goes in your recipe.

If we are the ones that create our thoughts, why do we (too often) choose to create negative ones? Do we think that they will keep us safe? Or protect us from disappointment? Read more





Make fear your friend

Fear. A word with such negativity attached to it but today, I invite you to take some time to look at it with a different perspective. Read more





A new year. A new you?

What is it about New Years that makes us want to reinvent ourselves? I wonder if it finds us putting undue pressure on ourselves that can often result in disappointment. But perhaps this is only because of our perspective and the individual’s common inability to be kind, loving and accepting of themselves. Read more