Do you feel deserving of Success?

We have all been around long enough to know what we would really like to succeed at. It may not be what you are doing right now but you most probably know what it is.

So the next question is, why aren’t we doing it? Why haven’t we taken the leap OR, if we have, why hasn’t success arrived yet?

Today I invite you to look at what your success feels like. Take ten minutes out to really think about how deserving you feel of that success. When you close your eyes, take a few deep belly breaths and think about the success you are aiming for, do you feel deserving of it? Does it feel like it should be rightfully yours or do you not feel deserving of it?

If you are one of the many of us that feel like that success shouldn’t or doesn’t have your name on it then, extend that 10 minutes of self-analysis time and take another 5 to firstly picture the success and really FEEL what it would be like to have it but also embrace it. Own it. Welcome it and feel totally deserving of it.

What in life has made you believe that you do not deserve to be fabulous, to have success in your life and be prosperous in following a path that makes your heart sing? It may not be comfortable to look into that but in doing so, you can find the catalyst for your limiting belief and after shining the light on it, it may leave the place where our darkest thoughts, feelings and emotions like to reside.

In the words of the wonderful Maryanne Williamson, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?

Take the time to dig deep, identify the thoughts/feelings that are holding you back and rewire/renew/rewrite so that from today you can be more, do more, become more and embrace the success that was always yours to claim.

To an Exceptional Existence,


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