It’s ok to be me

Most people spend their days wishing they were smarter, thinner, kinder, more disciplined, more successful, prettier, more talented or just someone else altogether. Many of us have desires and dreams that we are not confident enough or ashamed to explore/achieve.

Many spend hours on Facebook looking at other people’s lives as they drown in feelings of inadequacy thinking…’I don’t have that’…’I wish I could do that’..

What would happen if we stopped sabotaging and started being more kind to ourselves. Yes…more kind to ourselves.

What if we embraced the idea that we are all here to do something/one thing that no one else can do. No one. How special does that reality make you feel? The thing is, finding what that one thing is (if you don’t already know or feel what it is) isn’t going to happen if you are looking out at what everyone else is doing and achieving.

I invite you to start to look at you. Start to appreciate and acknowledge the things that you have been doing and take steps (even if small) to honour what it is that you have always dreamt of. As you look at that be very aware of your ego. It will try to throw sentences at you which might include:

‘You can’t do that’

‘You’re not talented/smart enough’

‘Other people are going to judge you’

I encourage you to, when that happens, thank your Ego. Why? Well because it is there to simply keep you safe and the best way to do that is keep you in an environment that is familiar to you (i.e. watching others people’s lives on Facebook from a safe space on your couch/bed/kitchen table/bus). It is simply trying to protect you but as they say…’life begins at the end of your comfort zone’ so…Ego…step aside!

Taking the time to focus on you allows you to be honest about where you currently but also to plan where you want to be. But the most important part of the process is to acknowledge your wins. Take note of your strengths and document achievements. As you do this, you will start to see more, do more and become more. I appreciate that there will be many people who don’t believe this but…just try it. It doesn’t cost anything. It won’t hurt but…it could be magical.

And then who knows…perhaps one day there will be someone watching you on Facebook who suddenly notices that you are changing/growing, your life is going from strength to strength and most importantly, you’re happier. And while the work you have done for you would be enough reward, your transformation just might be the catalyst to allowing another to realize they can do the same. Just another example of how in giving to ourselves, we can give so much more to others.

To an Exceptional Existence,


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