Are you fueling right?

Grandma always said ‘You are what you eat’ but have you ever taken the time to really think this cliché through?

From my experience, it is totally true (Go Grandma).

Some 2.5 years ago, I gave up sugar completely and increased the fats in my diet and my life changed. I lost weight (yes I did!), I had more energy and was even happier than before. I didn’t crave anything anymore and my whole being just felt so much better.

Anything Low Fat. This is not good for the body and usually means High Sugar.

Let’s step outside of our bodies for a second and look to the world of four wheels. If you had a Porsche/Ferrari/Lamborghini, would you put water in it to make it go? No! You would probably fill it up with the highest quality oil. So why don’t we treat ourselves like a high class vehicle? Our bodies carry us everywhere and unlike a car that can be replaced, our body is the only vehicle we will ever have to travel and live in.

The same applies with hydration. Would you leave a plan, garden or even a dog for days/weeks without adequate water? Why are we allowing our skin and cells to dehydrate or filling our bodies with the wrong liquids such as excess alcohol or soda. I also gave up my addiction to diet coke about 3 years ago. I was a one Diet Coke a day girl; I couldn’t live without it. Six months ago I had a diet coke and I couldn’t believe the way it made me feel. My stomach completely cramped up…this was my bodies reaction to a substance that is scientifically proven to be addictive.

Below are some quick tips on how to get started in fueling right:

  1. Cut out anything Low Fat – Low Fat usually means high sugar.
  2. Cook for yourself! Turn the TV, throw out the take out menus and get into the kitchen. Know what you are putting into your food and mouth. Cooking is a wonderful way to realize your creativity – something we should all do more of!
  3. Eat! Breakfast! Im sure you hear this all the time but without a good breakfast, we tend to want to eat more at night.
  4. Get active! Being active is a great way to focus on something other than food and to feel good about yourself – you don’t need to comfort eat any longer! It’s all about Comfort Exercise in 2015!
  5. Drink 2-3 litres of water a day – you are often hungry because you are actually thirsty! Keep a liter bottle next to you at home/the office and don’t let the day end without drinking 2-3 of them!

Be conscious about what is on your fork…your body and future will thank you for it.

Bon Appetite!


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