Ingredients for success soup

There are so many schools of thought about what makes someone successful. We all know about the ingredients of success such as hard work, dedication and study but what about those factors that many people don’t link to success (but really should).

I thought I would tackle my top five that perhaps don’t get enough air time.

1. Read every day: The majority of people don’t ever crack the spine of a book and this used to be me. My hot pick for the month would often sit on my bedside table all year just gathering dust and making me ‘look’ smart when people would visit and be under the incorrect assumption that I devoured pages of literature before bed. But now…reading has become a part of my every morning and that has changed my life. Without even noticing it, soon you realize your mind is expanding and you are changing. Not to mention the commitment to giving yourself this daily ritual – it really can feed you on so many levels.

2. Accept responsibility for failure: Nothing worse than trying to push failure downstream! Take the energy it would take to do that and put it into learning from your mistakes. As someone wise once said, ‘you either win or you learn’ so don’t go looking to blame…look for the lesson. The resulting growth will lead to your further success.

3. Embrace change: The only constant is change so why not embrace it and move with it? Again putting our energy into resistance will only pull you down. Go with the flow and see what beautiful lessons and experiences life will deliver.

4. Stay positive: This opens a huge bag of wonderful worms. Want for others to succeed, practice gratitude daily, exude joy, compliment others and share information. We attract what we give out in life so make sure to always throw a positive punch.

While many do not consider some (or all) of the above factors key ingredients in success soup, I invite you to try to practice them and see how your life will change. If you are dedicated to the practice and sensitive to the environment around you, it really won’t take long to see how tasty they can make this meal called life!

To an Exceptional Existence,


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