Loving where you are now can get you to where you want to be

How much time do you spend on thinking about what you haven’t achieved in life? How much headspace do you give to the heavy burden that comes with the need to achieve all the time? When we apply such weight and expectation, it often becomes too heavy to lift and so…we do nothing.

This resistance/weight/disappointment not only makes us feel terrible, it also stops the flow of good coming into our lives.

Think of achievement as a flowing water hose and any negative emotion around achievement as a kink in the hose. The more you focus on the lack, the tighter the kink.

Tight kink? No flow. Negative emotions? No achievement.

What if you decided to take another approach to it all – it certainly couldn’t get any worse could it? What IF, you decided to focus on all of the positive things that you were doing in your life. You may have been doing these for years but never really acknowledged your efforts. Why not start today?


  • You go to the gym regularly
  • You are committed to learning everyday by reading the paper or even motivational books (my fave).
  • You are doing/have done a course of some kind
  • You have been recognised at work
  • You are a great friend/partner/lover/son/daughter…

If you sat down and thought about all the things that you are achieving, you would become light, agile and…I can almost 100% guarantee, energized to do more to build that list of achievements.

But if you choose to focus on yourself as not moving forward, you will continue to deliver on that pattern so change your expectation to change your reality.

Start today by documenting your triumphs (not matter how small) and see what that will do to get you to where you want to be.

To an Exceptional Existence,


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