Love yourself enough to set boundaries.

I truly believe that strangers are just friends that you have not met yet and I take great pleasure in meeting new people all over the world. In a recent random (but yet oh so fulfilling) conversation with a new friend we were talking about setting boundaries and the idea of…

Needing to love yourself enough to set boundaries otherwise people may not see what there is to love.
I thought this was a really interesting idea. We are all so often consumed with looking after others…going above and beyond and in the end we sacrifice ourselves.

If someone leant you their car and it was full of rubbish and didn’t smell ideal, would you respect it? I would like to propose that the same applies with ourselves. In fact, our body/mind is the only ‘car’ we will ever have to drive (or the only house we will have to live in) so this makes the urgency to look after it even more real and…if people can see that we respect our ‘vehicle’…they will respect it too.

Usually when I go back home to wonderful Australia, I find myself running around like a mad women to do all the things a good daughter/friend should do but the result is usually a stressed human being with a frazzled energy that seems to infect everyone around her. I sacrifice my sanity for what I usually think I need to do but then realize that version of ‘me’ isn’t helping anyone.

It is a daily practice for me to sit back and think…is this act one of self-love? Am I sacrificing myself to get this done and…would I be better to give a little more time to me so that I can give more of me to others (in a better, less stressed package). We all know when a friend is racing to see us, totally frazzled with a million things on their mind. Often we would respect them more if they politely cancelled and arranged another time so they can focus on their immediate needs. That said, we often don’t look at the situation in this light but today, I invite you to.

When you respect your vehicle, keep your mind/body pure and healthy, others will feel the desire to respect you too and the best part is that in doing this work, you will give them to strength to invest in their own vehicle just by being (and respecting) yourself.

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Aerial Photography - The River

Aerial Photography – The River