Who are you really hurting with resentment?

Let’s face it, sometimes in life, people will hurt us…situations will not go the way we had hoped for them to and often, we can find ourselves blaming others or bathing in a world of resentment for what they did to us. But the question is, what purpose does that serve?

More often than not, the person who is taking up so much mental space in our heads has no idea they are living there rent free. So much of our energy is spent reliving what happened to us, how they treated us and what was the result of the situation.

Alternatively, the person that ‘did wrong’ is regularly reminded of your anguish towards them and is held in a place of ‘energetic guilt’ which only serves to create further negative energy around you both.

This resentment package is similar to the heavy suitcase referred to in the ‘What are you holding onto’ post from some weeks back. Holding onto resentment is like carrying around a bolder with you everywhere you go. You wake up, its next to you…you go out with friends and it goes with you – in fact you probably refer to it while you’re out on the social scene. Imagine if you just lost it or decided to even picture yourself throwing it off a bridge? What would happen then?

• Perhaps you would be free of hate
• You would feel lighter
• You would use the energy it takes to put into resentment (it takes a lot of energy) and channel it into positivity and self-love.
• You would let go of the past and look to the present/future.

So often this ‘resentment party’ we have in our heads manifests similar situations and can even breed illness within our bodies. Holding onto resentment is toxic for our physical body and can cause long term physical damage. Remember your body stores negative emotions that have not been dealt with in your physical body.

In the majority of cases, the ill treatment from another is out of our control but how we react to it, hold onto it and the story we attach to the pain is up to us. You have complete control over how you deal with the situation once you have been unfairly treated. Don’t give anymore to the situation by replaying it in your mind, trying to ‘get back’ at the offender or reminding them of what they did every day.

Move on, love yourself, learn from the situation (these situations always come with wonderful lessons) and say hi to the stronger, more resilient, well rounded you.

Rewrite your story today…no one can take away your happiness unless you allow them to!

To an Exceptional Existence,


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