Feed your focus

Our focus becomes our reality. Do you ever take the time to sit down and analyse where you are putting your focus? What is getting most of your attention?

Are you focused on a couple of areas that serve/hinder you and your development or…have you spread your focus too wide; usually resulting in you not achieving much of anything?

This self-analysis can take five minutes to do but can also become a wonderful window into the reasons your reality is the way it is.

One way to identify areas for you to focus on is to really tune into your feelings.

Some questions to ask yourself include:

1. What is important to me in my life? What is my why for being here?
2. What makes me really happy?
3. What does ‘a life of success’ look (and feel) like for me?

When you answer those questions, you will be able to better pinpoint what is important to you but also where your focus should be.

This post wouldn’t be complete with a shout out to Technology. It can be such a brilliant medium for us to use in spreading a message, inspiring ourselves and others building/promoting/expanding a business/movement or idea but…if you spend hours playing candy crush or watching other people’s lives on Facebook, your focus needs to change. These time sucking, lifeless activities can not only waste your time but they sap you of your energy and motivation.

Arianna Huffington wisely said in her book Thrive, ‘When technology eats up our attention, it’s eating up our Life’. Take control today. Put down your phone, pull out a piece of paper and pen and document where your focus is today so that your tomorrow can be one that sees you taking a step towards your picture of ‘success’.

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