Are you the best friend you never knew you had?

We spend so much time getting to know other people, hoping that they will like us and searching for friends with which we feel we belong/we can connect BUT…what if there was someone that has been right by your side your entire life that you never really acknowledged…never really noticed?

That person is always there for you but you may have never really ‘looked’ at them. That person can be as kind and caring or as judgemental as you choose.  That person has the power to empower you and push you to great heights of achievement. That person will never leave you. They will be with you through thick and thin, mistakes and triumphs.

How empowering is this reality? NOW all you have to do is meet them.


How much time have you spent over the years getting to know you and finding out what makes you tick? What makes your heart sing? What brings you to life? How do you like to be nurtured? What makes you feel relaxed and safe?

We can answer those questions about many people in our lives but we often can’t answer them about ourselves. AND the wonderful thing is that in finding the answers to these questions, we will be able to more easily identify others we would like to invite into our lives that can compliment the person that we are.

Don’t spend all your time trying to fit in with others…find out who you are and build from there. This is when your heart will truly sing and you will know what complete is.

To an exceptional existence,


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