Do you take time out for regular reflection?

‘The wise man questions himself. The fool, others’  Henri Arnold

We coast through life either celebrating every day or just taking what is handed our way but…do we actually take time to reflect, learn and renew?

My morning reading session involved me, a great (and strong) coffee and ‘The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth’ by John C Maxwell. It’s a great read and I was really drawn to his ideas around the need to pause and reflect – daily if you can! And of course you can!

He goes on to talk about the ‘Law of Reflection’ and the idea that by taking the time to pause…we can really look at what we have recently been through, who we have met, what we have learnt and where the universe has lead us (even if we weren’t aware of it).

Without this time to reflect…we may miss out on queues, open doors or lessons we could embrace now so that we don’t have to face them again in the future. Because the truth is…unless we face and learn, we repeat. As john M says, ‘Reflection turns experience into insight’.  By taking the time to pause, we allow understanding to catch up with us.

There are many many great people that have gone before us and who swear by the importance of time to reflect, think and just be. These inspiring individuals include Walt Disney, Albert Einstein and Mr Abe Lincoln!

After reflection, take some time to investigate and illuminate your findings. In the words of the fabulous Jim Rohn, ‘at the end of each day, you should play back the tapes of your performance. The results should either applaud you or prod you.’

 Why not make a commitment today to take time to reflect everyday? We spend a lot of time looking at our reflection in the mirror; making sure we physically look ok but what about what is going on inside us? Take the time to look at that – take the time to make your inner self beautiful too!

The famous Coca Cola even knew it was the right thing to do with their slogan from many years back ‘the pause that refreshes’. And does it ever!

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