Conversation with your soul. Had one lately?

About a year ago, I set out on a journey to find out what really made me…little ol me tick.

I had just really started to embrace the idea that no two people are the same. That there is something that we have all come to this world to do, some gift that only we can give to the world. While coming to grips with that wonderful, empowering, eye opening realisation, I decided that it was time to find out what really made MY heart sing. Not what society thought I ‘should’ be doing for my ‘demographic’, not what would make me believe I had ticked some invisible ‘expectation box’ on a daily basis but rather what made my heart sing, my soul smile and tuned me into my invisible gratitude station without me needing to remember to check in.

Do you really know what your passion is in life? What it is that truly makes you metaphorically fly?

When I set out to find out what others passions were in life, I was surprised to find out how many…

Didn’t know what they were

Cited something that involved a third party such as their children/partner/dog.

Sure your offspring/other half/furry friend are key, wonderful parts of your life and they certainly add to our lives in so many ways but if they are the only things that come to mind then your happiness is in the hands of another.

What happens when that relationship ends, your dog/cat/rabbit/turtle passes away or your children decide they are now too cool for you?

What happens to your happiness if it was all in the control of another?

What can you do to nurture yourself when no one else is there to be the catalyst for your happiness?

The great news is that, I personally believe everyone HAS a passion (just like we all have a purpose)…you just need to listen and take note of when your heart is saying ‘OMG I %$#&ing LOVE THIS!!!!!!’ And it may be the most surprising of activities…something that society doesn’t communicate as the ‘norm’ BUT something that makes your life complete.

Is it knitting, cooking, sewing, stamp collecting, rock climbing, yoga, pottery, scrap booking?…

For me, it is Latin Dance, fitness and cooking. I am alive when I do all three. I cant wipe the smile off my face when I am engaged in any of the above. It is in making these activities my focus that my life has even more meaning and beauty than before. My thoughts are inspired and my love for life at its peak.

The challenge for me is now to make sure that I stay focused on what feeds my soul. At times it can be starving because I’ve been focused on other things that really aren’t my source of happiness.

And I get it, we need to work and look after our family etc but…I believe it is in taking the time to feed our hearts and soul that we can give more to our life and those around us.

What is it that makes you tick?

If you have found it, I would love to hear about it below.

If in reading this article you asked yourself…connected with your heart and requested an answer but got ‘the silent treatment’ then this may well be a wonderful opportunity for you to listen. To reconnect and notice in your daily life what you’re attracted to…what comes across your path that makes you sit up/light up/smile. Once you notice those 1 or 2 things, try to think back to times in your life when you used to do more of that and how it made you feel and then…look to the future and set yourself some manageable ways to take your soul back to that place.

Engage and invest a little time to feed yourself so that you have so much to give to others.

To an exceptional existence,


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2 thoughts on “Conversation with your soul. Had one lately?”

  1. Hi Louise,
    This is brilliant , what you have written there.
    I agree that you should find your purpose in life and it also important once you found it to share your happiness with others in what you
    are doing.

    Is this you on the picture?
    I am getting stronger and I am soul searching.
    Laughter and kissing are hardly in existence but it will return
    Hope this makes all sense

  2. Dearest Olaf,

    Thank you so much! I am so so glad that you liked the article.

    I WISH I had the opportunity to dance in the desert but I am sure one day I will 🙂

    Believe in them and the laughter and kisses will return!

    To your exceptional existence,


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