Have you heard yourself lately?

‘Be careful how you are talking to yourself because you are listening.’ Lisa M Hayes

Do you take the time to really listen to yourself? Why not commit today to listen to what it is you say to yourself. Once you’ve done a little self-analysis then ask…would I speak to my friend the way I speak to myself?

The majority of us are our worst enemy when it comes to the way we talk to ourselves. Why is it ok to put yourself down? Why is it that we are able to forgive others for their actions but so many of us have trouble trying to forgive our own slightest mishap?

So often we are able to give others self-love and understanding but don’t seem to be able to pay ourselves the same respect.

The effect of this negative self-talk not only makes you feel immediately down but it is also acting on our subconscious beliefs in the background as we go about our everyday lives and even when we sleep. Those around you will feel it, your children will follow your habits and it will be reflected in the way you hold yourself and your physical health.

Acknowledging this reality is the first step to moving forward but what can we do continue along the path of Self-love?

Years of negative self-talk can be hard to turn around but there is no time like the present to take baby steps toward taking your life and thoughts back! The reality is that you can either control your thoughts or they can control you. So, why not split yourself in two? Be your new best friend and commit to showing yourself a little more love. Every time you speak to your new bestie, ask yourself is that an understanding and self-loving way to speak to your best friend? If your best friend doesn’t feel well…would you tell him/her to push themselves to their limit or would you suggest that they curl up on the lounge with a cup of tea, a good comedy and a soft blanket?

Make a commitment today to be a little kinder, more loving and nurturing to you. Not only will your life improve but others around you will feel the work that you are doing even without you telling them about your new bestie.

Self-love can set you free.

To an Exceptional Existence,


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