Meet Lou

Meet Lou

Louise has been intrigued with the work of motivation and inspiration since her teenage years. Inhaling endless books, you tube videos and training courses on the workings of the mind and anything that seeks to inspire, Louise is dedicated to realizing her life purpose and helping others to tune into theirs as well.

Louise has an endless thirst for life and the curiosity of a child that takes her to all corners of the world and has allowed her to meet so many interesting people that have changed her life is countless ways.

When Louise isn’t reading, seeking out the next adventure, attempting to improve her Latin dance skills, racing to a yoga class or engaged in a morning gym session, she can be found behind a desk in the Corporate world. A world that she also loves, Louise sees great opportunity to inspire people in the business world and is also dedicated to working with orgnisations to realize the wonderful opportunity they have to touch the lives of others in the communities in which they operate. An effort that Louise believes can only be good for business and the communities they touch.

Louise believes that every individual person comes to the world with something that they (and only they) can do and in realizing that purpose, their and the lives of others will change forever. She welcomes you to follow her journey through her website and would love to hear anything that you feel inspired to share with her.

To an Exceptional Existence!