Don’t sacrifice yourself to serve others.

I recently visited family and friends back home in Australia. It is always such a beautiful but also challenging time.

I find myself fueled by friends and occasionally drained by my aging relatives. As my father gets older, I find that he becomes more emotionally ‘heavy’ and I find myself changing or falling off ‘fabulous’ as I am pulled into his energetic field.

At first it is quite overwhelming but then I started to see him as a teacher who was here to test my emotional strength, everything changed for me.

I don’t need for my father to act in a certain way to make me feel anything. That is all up to me. I don’t need to sacrifice myself in order to serve him. It was once I realised that that I started to look at him with loving, grateful eyes. I did not blame him for any way I was feeling but rather saw it as an opportunity to flex my mind muscle and look at the situation differently.

A situation is a situation. It’s the way we react to it that we need to focus on and the wonderful thing is, how we react is completely within our control.

Your parents/friends/family do not ‘need’ to be or do anything for you to be fulfilled, happy, sane. Any negative situation is there to teach you how to be stronger, to learn and to remain unshakable (no matter what lands on your plate).

Once you realise that…you find a new kind of freedom.

To an Exceptional Existence,


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