Ill admit it, I’m a gym junkie. Yep addicted!!!! While I’m a little extreme, I cant stress enough how being active has changed my life in so many ways. Why?

1. Energy creates energy!
2. Clarity of thought – sometimes I do my best thinking while I’m moving
3. Our body was designed to flow and move – we heal in movement.

Being active doesn’t mean ‘death by treadmill’. There are SO many ways that you can get movin’. Some include:

1. Yes the Gym
2. Get outside – just go for a walk anywhere.
3. DANCE (one of my personal favorites). Whether that be on your own at home, at a club or in a class. Dance can lift the soul to heights you cant imagine!

They say it takes 40 times to make a habit and 40 times to make one so commit to something for 40 days and…let the addiction begin!

Some of my suggested activities and websites to help you get moving:

  1. More conventional exercise options
  2. Yoga – Ommmmmmm
  3. ‘The great outdoor’ suggestions
  4. Dance!

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